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we'll start with a studio and end with a gallery.  

By God's Grace art


BGG Art is simple, unique gifts, hand-painted furniture, murals and wall art all created By God's Grace. This name came about as my grandfather who was truly an amazing artist signed all his wonderful paintings "BGG M.Smith" - By God's Grace - Morris Smith.
 I just wanted to follow up and tell you that my sons, Kris (US Army stationed at Fort Bragg, NC) and Brendan (working for the City of New Orleans, LA), both really enjoyed their Fort Thomas posters.  They said it was a very cool way to remember their hometown, as they can look at the various shots and know exactly where they are.  It’s a great concept and I’m really glad you put it together.  I hope you’ll still be doing them if and when my other two sons ever “fly the coop.” LOL

 Thanks again!





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